There are many solid reasons for making sure your HVAC system in your Goodfield, Illinois, home gets regular maintenance. Among them are to optimize performance, maximize energy efficiency, increase system lifespan and reduce the need for repairs — all of which adds up to greater comfort for less money. But even you can derive even more benefits from the smart but simple act of making a preventive maintenance program a key part of your overall HVAC maintenance strategy. Here are five additional benefits you’ll enjoy:


Preventive maintenance programs make it easier to keep your system in peak operating condition. Because you receive a courtesy reminder from your HVAC contractor when your next inspection and tune-up are due, it’s harder to get too busy to forget about — or put off — scheduling that vital service.


In addition to the money you save through lower energy consumption, less-frequent repairs and longer system life, you’ll also receive a discount on any heating or AC repairs you may need during your participation in the program. Overtime charges will typically also be waived, as well as the additional charge for emergency service.

Priority Service

Our preventive maintenance program members also receive priority service. This places you at the front of the line when you need to schedule your service. It also means same-day service when needed.

Warranty Protection

Preventive maintenance plans can also help protect you from having your manufacturer’s warranty voided for failing to take proper care of your system. Some manufacturers require regular system maintenance to honor your warranty.

Peace of Mind

An additional benefit of a preventive maintenance program is knowing that you have highly trained HVAC professionals, who have committed themselves to keeping your system functioning optimally, standing by to help whenever you need them.

Get the facts about signing up for a preventive maintenance program with Custom Air Company on our maintenance page, or call (309) 518-1196 to talk to an HVAC expert.

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