When you think of combustion pollutants, smog might be the first thing that comes to mind. When it comes to your health and wellbeing, the combustion products within your Bloomington, IL home can be just as hazardous. From furnaces and stoves to water heaters, fuel-burning appliances release combustion gases through their ventilation systems. Learn more about these dangerous pollutants and how to keep them from infiltrating your living spaces.

Combustion Gases

Appliances like gas furnaces work by burning fuel mixed with air. The combustion process generates harmful byproducts as well, including formaldehyde and nitrogen dioxide. Properly operating appliances vent these combustion gases safely outdoors. If the appliance malfunctions, carbon monoxide (CO) poses the most immediate threat to your health. The odorless, colorless gas can cause you to lose consciousness before you’re aware there’s a problem. A quality CO monitor helps safeguard your family from this deadly gas.

Preventive Maintenance

Worn or improperly maintained fuel-burning appliances are common sources of combustion pollutants. A blocked chimney, damaged flue, or leaky duct can allow combustion gases like carbon monoxide to backdraft into your home. For safe operation, furnaces and boilers need regular maintenance. Routine tune-ups also improve energy efficiency, saving you money on heating costs. Our Energy Savings Plans make it easy and affordable to give your heating system the professional care it needs.

Indoor Air Quality Solutions

At Custom Air Company, we believe your home should be a refuge against harmful pollutants. We’re proud to offer a full line of products that help you breathe healthier air. Options range from air purification systems to whole-home filters. However, proper ventilation is the best way to lower concentrations of indoor pollutants. Our energy recovery ventilators use energy captured from outgoing air to condition the fresh, pre-filtered air inside. It’s a solution that improves the health of your home without sending your energy bills sky-high.

Keep your home in greater Bloomington, IL, safe and healthy. To learn more effective strategies for combating pollutants, explore our indoor air quality services or call (309) 518-1196.

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