Originally published in April 2018

While spring has started, the temperatures in Bloomington, Illinois, still aren’t warm enough to warrant turning on your air conditioning system. But that will change soon. Instead of waiting until the last minute and risking a longer wait time, schedule HVAC maintenance as early as possible. Doing it in the spring offers you plenty of benefits.

Save On Cooling When You Turn Your System On

Homeowners in Bloomington want to save as much money on their cooling bills as possible. The way to do that is to ensure your AC system operates as efficiently as possible as soon as you turn it on. By scheduling HVAC maintenance, you’ll ensure your air conditioner conserves more energy and saves you more money this summer.

Take Care of Minor AC Repairs Immediately

Waiting until it’s hot enough to turn on your AC system only to find out it requires a repair is no fun. The best way to avoid that is to schedule a professional inspection beforehand. When you schedule HVAC maintenance, a service technician will carefully inspect your AC system for issues that need addressing and repair them immediately. If for whatever reason the problem is irreparable, you’ll have time to replace your AC system and beat the heat.

Invest in an Energy Savings Plan for Your AC

If you’re forgetful or hate worrying about scheduling HVAC maintenance, signing up for a Residential Energy Savings Plan can help. By doing so, you’ll receive a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee that your AC system operates at peak efficiency. Here are some of the other benefits of signing up for a Residential Energy Savings Plan this spring:

  • Priority scheduling: Customers who sign up receive top priority statuses over those who haven’t in the unlikely event that your AC system breaks down.
  • Discounted rate: Customers who sign up receive a 10-percent discount on repair parts as well as discounts on system filters and humidifiers pads.

Do you need to schedule HVAC maintenance? Don’t wait until the summer and risk suffering in sweat. Contact Custom Air Company to schedule HVAC maintenance or learn more about our Energy Savings Plan.

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