Modern homes in Goodfield, IL are tightly sealed and energy-efficient, However, such homes can accumulate high concentrations of contaminants due to poor ventilation. These toxins include radon, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), household cleaners, lead, pesticides, and formaldehyde. Dust mites. pet dander, bacteria, and viruses may also be present. Insufficient ventilation can also cause a moisture buildup indoors that encourages the growth of allergens.

Ventilating Hour Home

Ventilation occurs naturally in homes without an airtight seal because small holes and cracks allow air to move in and out. Before the shift toward sealed homes to prevent energy losses, natural ventilation was usually enough to keep contaminants from overpowering indoor air. People also opened windows for fresh air. Now, people depend on their HVAC systems to maintain indoor comfort and to counteract pollution, they are turning to mechanical, whole-house ventilation systems.

ventilators Replace Polluted Air with Fresh Air

There are four types of mechanical ventilation systems: exhaust, supply, balanced, and energy recovery. The most effective and efficient ventilation is provided by energy recovery ventilation systems. They move stale air outside and bring fresh air inside without losing heated and cooled air. Using a heat exchanger, whole-house ventilators use the heat that’s already inside a home to warm incoming cold air in winter. In summer, they use the cool air indoors to chill incoming warm air.

The Benefits ofEnergy Recovery Ventilators

The energy recovery ventilator is a whole-house ventilation solution. It can greatly reduce the presence of indoor contaminants like chemicals, smoke, odors, allergens, and microbes. It prevents allergens by keeping moisture from accumulating indoors in summer and keeps indoor air from getting too dry in winter. The system exchanges an equivalent amount of fresh outdoor air for stale indoor air. It provides 24/7 ventilation for greater comfort and a healthier home.

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