Originally published in August 2018

Whether you’re shopping for a new heater or air conditioning system, it’s always smart to look for the ENERGY STAR logo. The widely recognized symbol lets you know you’re getting a product that doesn’t sacrifice performance for improved efficiency. In Bloomington, IL heating and cooling costs make up 53 percent of household energy use. Therefore, an energy-efficient HVAC system can offer substantial savings. ENERGY STAR certified units allow you to enjoy lower operating costs over the life the system.


Launched by the EPA in 1992, the ENERGY STAR program was designed to help consumers make informed decisions. Before a product receives this certification, it is thoroughly tested by a third party for quality, performance, and efficiency. Certified heating and cooling systems save significantly more energy than standard models. If the system costs more to purchase than a non-certified product it must pay you back in lower energy bills.

What About HVAC Energy Ratings?

The efficiency of any HVAC system is measured by comparing the energy it uses to its heating or cooling output. Acronyms like SEER and AFUE are used to describe the efficiency of different types of equipment. ENERGY STAR qualified systems have higher ratings than conventional models, They offer you an easy way to choose energy-efficient products. Manufacturers must include an EnergyGuide label that compares the system’s operating costs with non-certified products.

Custom Air Company is proud to provide energy-efficient products to homes and businesses in Bloomington and the surrounding area. As a Trane Comfort Special, we’re certified to offer a wide array of ENERGY STAR HVAC systems. Our experts are readily available to help you make apples-to-apples comparisons to ensure you enjoy the best system that fits your budget. To learn more, explore our wide range of HVAC services or give us a call.

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