Most Bloomington, IL air conditioning equipment problems can be prevented with AC maintenance. If something does go wrong, a timely response can keep the matter from escalating. Here’s what can happen when you know you need AC repairs, but you don’t get help:

Property Damage

Puddles of water near your indoor unit usually mean a blocked condensate drain line. That’s an easy AC repair when performed at once. If not, the blockage could cause water to back up into your AC and turn the evaporator coil into an ice block. Water can overflow the drain pan and damage your floors. The pan can get slimy with microbial growth and emit a foul odor. Trapped water can create a fire hazard while causing ceiling leaks, drywall damage, and stained walls.

Coil Replacement or Compressor Failure

Refrigerant leaks develop when there are cracks or holes in the refrigerant lines. A leak is likely if your AC is blowing warm air, has weak airflow, and is making hissing or gurgling noises. Leaks can cause the evaporator coil to freeze up while damaging the compressor. If caught early, small leaks can usually be sealed. If they increase in size or frequency, you might need a cooling coil replacement or a new compressor.

Distressing AC Noises

If your AC is making upsetting noises, don’t take it lightly. Turn the system off and summon a professional. Ignoring these noises can result in severely damaged air conditioning equipment:

  • Squealing and screeching can be caused by a bad belt or a problem with the bearings.
  • Banging and clattering can indicate a loose part, a failing motor, or bent fan blades.
  • Buzzing and humming usually mean an electrical problem.

Custom Air Company provides 24/7 emergency AC repairs. Call us day or night at (309) 518-1196 for help with your air conditioning equipment.

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