Dependable as Man's Best Friend

At Custom Air Company, we strive to model our business after the best qualities found in our furry friends: friendliness and reliability. As we like to say, we’re as dependable as man’s best friend. What this means is that we promise to come to your home or business when called and perform our very best to please you – without the wet nose, of course. Quality, kindness, and respect matter – thank you for choosing Custom Air Company.

And, speaking of kindness, we know that your furry friends are a part of your family. And they may not take too kindly to strangers. It’s their home too, right?  With your permission, our team has milk bones for dogs and treats for your cats.  While they can’t give us google reviews, we know that they’re an important part of your world, so we’ll do our best to impress. Who knows, they might even encourage you to get on our maintenance plan, so we come back more often!  Owners Kevin and Lori Hart understand, as they currently have three dogs, Millie, Charlie, and Archie as well as two cats, Barney and Frankie!

Is your sweet puppy sweating? Is your little kitten cold? Let us know how we can make your environment ideal for everyone who lives within it!  You’ll find out quickly that we’re as dependable as man’s best friend. Contact us today for all your HVAC needs!