Ductless AC Installation

Ductless air conditioning systems aren’t new to HVAC professionals, but today’s homeowners have recently started investing in them to cool and heat their small living spaces. Compared to inefficient window AC units, which waste ample amounts of energy, ductless AC systems use less power to cool and heat a new home addition. At Custom Air Company, we specialize in performing a range of ductless HVAC services.

Like a conventional central air conditioner, a ductless AC system has an outdoor compressor and an air-handling unit that sits outside. The difference between the two systems: one needs ductwork and the other doesn’t. A ductless system is sometimes the best HVAC solution. Thankfully. Custom Air Company has its own full-service sheet metal fabrication shop which allows us to custom-made ductwork for your home!

Ductless AC Services

If you’re debating whether to install a ductless AC system in a room in your home, consider the biggest benefits of doing so. If you have questions, Custom Air Company is happy to answer them and provide a professional recommendation, ensuring the system you invest in fits perfectly within your living space.

Biggest Benefits of Installing a Ductless Air Conditioner

  • Gain greater control over your comfort by delivering cool or warm air directly into different living spaces
  • Turn your ductless AC system on within the same day of Custom Air Company installing it
  • Prevent poor indoor air quality by eliminating the need for ducts that dirty quickly
  • Increase efficiency and conserve energy to lower your monthly utility bills

Are you interested in installing a ductless AC system in your home or business? Contact Custom Air Company today at (309) 828-8281 for more information.