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Dependable Heat Pump Services in Goodfield, Bloomington, Normal, Peoria IL, and Surrounding Areas

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Whether you’re new to heat pumps or you’ve used them for decades, they’re a great choice for any energy-conscious homeowner. At Custom Air Company, we offer a full range of heat pump systems and services at prices you’ll love.

How Heat Pumps Deliver Efficient All-Season Comfort

Despite the name, heat pumps are far more than just heaters. They work by moving around heat energy, pumping it into your home in the winter and out in the summer. This reversible process means heat pumps can effectively maintain pleasant indoor conditions throughout the year without any extra equipment. In addition, moving heat takes significantly less energy than producing it, such as in a traditional furnace or electric baseboard heater. As a result, heat pumps boast several advantages for Central Illinois residents:

  • Greater energy efficiency and lower heating costs
  • More comfortable and consistent year-round temperature control
  • Improved indoor air quality and dehumidification

Expert Heat Pump Installation in Bloomington, IL

To ensure the best possible experience, choosing a heat pump that matches your home’s heating and cooling requirements is crucial. At Custom Air Company, we’ve got a fantastic selection of Trane systems packed with the latest cutting-edge technologies. We’re even qualified to install high-efficiency geothermal units, enabling you to tap into a limitless supply of clean, consistent energy.

Whichever system you choose, our rigorous installation process will ensure it’s accurately sized and configured for peak performance. Our in-house fabrication team can also craft new air ducts and other hardware to achieve a tight, leak-free fit if necessary. As if that weren’t enough, we even provide a full labor warranty for the lifespan of your system.

Fast and Affordable Heat Pump Repairs

Since you depend on your heat pump all year, it’s a big deal whenever it stops working properly. Fortunately, you’ll never wait long for relief when you use Custom Air Company’s heat pump repair service. From the dead of night to the middle of Thanksgiving dinner, we’re here 24/7 to respond to your call.

Of course, we don’t just get the job done fast — we get it done right. Our team features experienced, well-trained technicians who understand the importance of thorough diagnostics and diligent, meticulous workmanship. We guarantee every repair, so our work isn’t done until you’re satisfied that your system is working just like new.

Need a helping hand with your heating and cooling system in Central Illinois? From installation and replacement to maintenance and repairs, Custom Air Company is the safe choice for all your heat pump needs.

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