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Annual AC Maintenance Helps Lower Operating Costs

Annual AC Maintenance in Bloomington, IL

You want your Bloomington, IL, home to feel cool and comfortable when summer’s heat and humidity arrive without spending a fortune and wasting energy. One of the best ways to achieve those goals is to schedule annual AC maintenance with a qualified service technician. Keeping your AC system in tip-top shape helps it do its job better and leads to lower energy bills.

Lower Your Air Conditioner’s Energy Consumption

The amount of energy air conditioners consume depends on the system’s size. However, most central air conditioning systems use 3,000-5,000 watts per hour. A neglected AC system might experience short cycling, an issue where the system turns on and off frequently. This uses more energy and can cause your electricity bill to skyrocket. Routine AC maintenance services such as cleaning and tune-ups can help prevent short cycling.

More Cost-Saving Benefits of Annual AC Maintenance

Annual AC maintenance also improves airflow, which can keep your energy costs lower. If you have dirty ducts or your air conditioner is filthy from accumulated dust, dander, and other debris, its airflow could become restricted. The system runs more often to keep your home cool, resulting in more energy usage. Maintaining consistent airflow is the key to keeping energy costs in check.

Inaccurate temperature readings can cause your air conditioner to run more often than necessary. Any time your AC unit works overtime, it uses more energy. During a routine maintenance call, service technicians check for proper thermostat calibration to prevent those situations from happening.

The Best Time to Schedule Routine Maintenance

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, you can reduce your home’s energy consumption by 5-15% with annual HVAC maintenance. Not only does maintenance reduce energy costs, but it also increases your system’s longevity. You get more years of energy-efficient usage from your current system.

When is the best time to schedule a maintenance service? Ideally, you want to schedule a service call in the spring before using your system. You’ll have peace of mind that your system’s ready to handle whatever heat summer brings. Read more about our customized annual AC maintenance plan or call Custom Air Company today!

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