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Annual Tune-Ups Protect and Extend the Life of Your AC

When the sun is baking down on Peoria, IL, the last thing you need is unreliable or inefficient air conditioning. Unfortunately, that might be exactly what you get if you aren’t taking care of your AC system. To keep your cool no matter the weather, make sure you’re enjoying all the benefits that annual AC tune-ups provide.

Carefully Calibrated Comfort

Your air conditioner is a complex system that has to be configured carefully to meet your home’s cooling needs. If the refrigerant isn’t charged to precisely the right level, for instance, your system may struggle to control heat and humidity. Similarly, if your thermostat isn’t set correctly, your entire HVAC system may not perform as expected. During routine tune-ups, qualified service technicians always check these important variables to verify that they’re set correctly. If they encounter a problem, they can make the necessary corrections to ensure your system delivers smooth, consistent comfort.

Fine-Tuned Cooling Performance

Are you tired of paying too much to keep your home cool? You could dial back the thermostat, but why resign yourself to suffering in the heat? Instead, consider scheduling a maintenance visit from a qualified service technician. Annual AC tune-ups ensure every component in your air conditioner is operating at peak performance, significantly improving your cooling efficiency. That means less wasted energy and more money in your wallet.

Enhanced Long-Term Reliability

Modern air conditioners are engineered to withstand a lot of stress, but they aren’t indestructible. If neglected, even minor issues like dirty coils and corroded wires can eventually lead to significant damage and equipment failures. Annual maintenance visits ensure these problems can be swiftly detected and corrected, preventing breakdowns and extending your system’s service life.

When you need dependable, high-performance cooling, you can count on the qualified service technicians at Custom Air Company. Ask about our affordable energy savings plan to get great deals on annual AC tune-ups and other essential services. 

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