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Fire Prevention

fireman and firewoman with dog

Since October is Fire Prevention Month, discussing the common causes of HVAC fires and ways to prevent them is crucial. Fire safety precautions are essential when HVAC units are involved; air conditioner-induced and home-heating fires can be life-threatening. Now is the time to proactively protect your home, family, and HVAC investments.

The most frequent causes of fires are gas leaks, motor issues, and wiring problems. Frayed, disconnected, or corroded wires can lead to electrical shorts and are often a result of poor installation. Motor friction or dirty air filters may overwork and overheat the unit or catch fire. HVAC equipment has many interconnected parts, all of which must be installed and maintained by trusted professionals for safety and functionality.

Additionally, space heaters are responsible for 1,700 house fires every year. If you’re using a portable heater, keep it far away from bedding, curtains, pets, and children. Avoid using them in garages with gas cans, paint cans, or other flammable hazards. Never leave the heater unattended, and do not plug in other appliances into that outlet. If your heating system isn’t working correctly and you feel that you must use space heaters this winter, it’s time to call the trusted HVAC professionals at Custom Air Company to discuss installation or repairs.

Regular maintenance checks are critical to ensure your HVAC units are running safely. The biannual checkups will check wiring, general wear and tear, air filters, and other electrical connections. With consistent HVAC maintenance, your unit and home are significantly safer. Fire safety for HVAC systems is essential year-round, so there’s always a need for preventative maintenance. Contact us today to enroll in a maintenance plan with Custom Air Company! 

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