With HVAC services like zoning, multiple thermostats maintain independent temperatures in different zones of one building. Ducted systems are fitted with a series of dampers that separate your home into rooms, zones or levels. Many homes are single-zoned environments. One thermostat maintains a single temperature throughout an entire house. In Bloomington, IL, this an expensive solution to indoor comfort. When you opt for home zoning instead, you’ll enjoy significant energy savings on utility bills from day one.

Heat and Cool Only the Rooms You Use

There’s no reason to heat or cool a whole house when you’re only using one or two rooms. Imagine the savings you’ll enjoy when your energy usage is customized to suit the needs of your family. Some zoning systems even have automatic sensors that adjust the temperatures whenever someone enters or leaves a room.

Save Even More With Programmable Thermostats

Further decrease your utility bills for HVAC services by programming each thermostat to turn off and on according to your family’s schedule. Programmable devices allow you to maintain different temperatures in different zones on different days and at different times.

Extend the Life of Your HVAC Equipment

With zoning, you use only the energy you need to create the comfort level you want. Because zoning creates less wear and tear on your HVAC, your system will enjoy a longer lifespan.

How Much Can I Save With Home Zoning?

By some estimates, the utility savings realized by HVAC services like installing a zoned system can be as high as 30 percent. What’s more, the savings can cover the cost of a system installation within a few years. After that, you can expect a generous return on investment for the life of the system.

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