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What is the Optimal Sleep Temperature

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You’re not alone if you’ve ever wondered what your indoor temperature should be when you sleep at night. In the winter, overly warm temperatures at night can disrupt your beauty sleep. Like the proper pillow, the perfect temperature is crucial and takes a little experimenting. Here are some benefits of these heat adjustments and how to implement them successfully.

The Benefits

The Sleep Foundation advises that 65 degrees is the perfect winter sleeping temperature, though the ideal temperatures range between 60-67 degrees. There is science backing this suggestion, and much of it involves melatonin. Cooler temperatures increase melatonin production, encouraging sleep to onset sooner and enabling more refreshing sleep.

In addition to sending a signal indicative of bedtime, cooler temperature also affects the sleep cycle. While falling asleep, the body’s core temperature decreases naturally, and the heart rate drops. Too much heat can disrupt essential stages of the sleep cycle and one’s ability to thermoregulate. People prefer to avoid awakening several times throughout the night or feeling groggy the following day. Instead, achieving uninterrupted sleep that leaves us well-rested in the morning is superior.

How to Experiment

During the last months of this winter season, try to lower your thermostat each night gradually so your heating system supports healthy, deep sleep. Good news: it’s cost-effective, too. If needed, check your bed sheets and pajamas; wool and flannel options may hold heat better than silk, keeping you cozy for your snooze. Snuggling into bed with socks is another helpful measure since body heat escapes the feet. Lastly, covering bedroom windows will help keep out that unwelcome cold draft.

At Custom Air Company, we prioritize your comfort, and our heating services are ready to serve your home this season. Contact us today for information about heating repairs and our preventative maintenance program at 309-791-9578!

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