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Signs of a Problematic Heat Pump Refrigerant Line

heat pump refrigerant line in Bloomington, IL

When your heat pump has a problematic heat pump refrigerant line, cooling issues quickly show up. Often, the issues stem from a clogged line, causing restricted movement of the refrigerant fluid throughout the system. In this post, you’ll learn more about the signs of a refrigerant line problem and when to call HVAC repair experts in Bloomington, IL.

Decreased Cooling Performance

Reduced cooling performance is often the first problem homeowners notice when they have a malfunctioning refrigerant line. To cool the home sufficiently, the refrigerant must flow freely. If you notice your home’s cooling inconsistently or feels warmer than usual, you might have a clogged refrigerant line.

Ice Formation on Evaporator Coils

Another problem that happens when fluid gets stuck in the refrigerant line is freezing. Fortunately, you can see this problem right away because ice builds up on the evaporator coils. Ice on the coils does more than affect cooling performance. It also makes it much harder for the heat pump to do its job, resulting in excessive wear and tear and high energy bills. Failure to fix this problem promptly causes performance to decline and could lead to premature heat pump replacement.

Energy Consumption Skyrockets

Have you noticed your energy bills have risen significantly for no apparent reason? This is another sign of a refrigerant line problem. People usually find they’re adjusting their thermostats more often to get comfortable in their homes. As you can imagine, this means more energy gets used, and utility bills rise.

Heat pump problems can leave you feeling out of sorts and unsure about the outcome. Here’s some good news: the sooner you contact professionals and get the repairs you need, the more you’ll save on your energy bills. Your home will also feel more comfortable. If suspect you have issues with your heat pump refrigerant line, don’t delay getting repairs. Contact Custom Air Company and speak with our HVAC repair experts today!

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