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Variable-Speed Air Conditioners

Variable-speed air conditioners have variable-speed compressors. This breakthrough technology offers homeowners in Bloomington, IL unsurpassed indoor comfort with exceptional energy efficiency.

How Does Variable-Speed Air Conditioning Work?

When indoor temperatures get too warm, traditional air conditioners cycle on and run until the preferred temperature is regained. Variable-speed systems maintain the desired temperature at all times. They can run at about 25 percent capacity all day. They deliver a smooth, steady flow of cool air.

How Do Variable-speed Air Conditioners Create Greater Comfort?

Traditional air conditioners are always playing catch-up with the thermostat setting. Variable-speed systems maintain the thermostat setting. Hot and cold spots disappear along with those periodic icy blasts.

With longer and slower running times, variable-speed systems remove more humidity from indoor air. Relative humidity starts to rise the second an AC cycles off, and the natural response is to crank down the thermostat setting.

Variable-speed systems maintain the desired temperature and rarely cycle off, so relative humidity remains steady. You may even be able to increase the thermostat setting instead of lowering it.

Lower indoor humidity reduces the workload of the air conditioner. That prevents unnecessary wear and tear on the system.

What Makes Variable-Speed Air Conditioners So Efficient?

A single-stage air conditioner gobbles the most energy cycling on, and it cycles on all day. Variable-speed units turn on and stay on. Long, slow running times require significantly less energy. You’ll see the proof in your utility bills immediately.

Are There Other Benefits of a Variable-Speed AC?

These cooling systems improve indoor air quality. The long, slow running times mean indoor air is constantly circulated through the filter to remove airborne contaminants from your environment. Low humidity discourages mildew in bathrooms and can reduce the presence of dust mites and microbes.

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