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5 Ways to Save Energy in the Winter

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Because of harsh winters in the Midwest, residents can’t help but run the heat constantly, which causes understandable frustration when the heating bill comes. This situation is all too familiar. However, Custom Air Company might have the energy savings solutions you are looking for. Whether it’s enrolling in a maintenance plan or introducing some shrewd modifications, Custom Air Company is here to assist you.

Natural Light

During hours of sunshine, open curtains to welcome the light and allow it to warm up your home naturally. Similarly, keep your curtains closed during dark hours to ensure the windows are draught-proof.

Air Circulation

Although many people only use ceiling fans during the summertime, you can switch their direction so they rotate clockwise and circulate the warm air located by the ceiling. Then, relax and watch the fan save energy for you!

Unused Rooms

If there are rooms in your house that you are not using, like a guest bedroom, don’t waste energy heating them. Just block off the vents and close the doors. It’s simple math! It takes less energy to heat two rooms than three rooms.

LED lights

Whether decorating with Christmas lights or just installing standard home lighting, LED lights are an energy-efficient investment. They use 75% less energy than incandescent lights, so this adjustment with surely pay off in the long run.

Annual Checkup

It’s always a good idea to assess your heating system to ensure it runs efficiently. You may need to replace furnace filters if they are dirty. Less energy is required for proper heating when filters are clean. Regular HVAC maintenance is not only necessary for saving energy costs, but it also helps promote the life of your furnace.

For more information about winter heating equipment and a corresponding energy saving plan to help with energy efficiency, call us to schedule a consultation at 309-791-9578. 

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